gandesa Cooperative Winery Gandesa Cooperative Winery is an emblematic building that was built between 1919 and 1920 by the renowned Catalan Architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet (Valls, December 24, 1888 – Barcelona, November 19, 1973).

The building was constructed following a Modernist style and did finalize building of the wine making section in January 1920, and the oil making section in November of the same year.

Its architectural value has made it considered as a Wine Cathedral. It is also listed as a Cultural Asset of National Interest by the Catalan Government and in 2007 became one of the Seven Wonders of Catalonia.

This 2019 we celebrate our one hundred anniversary and we like to commemorate this event with different activities in the area, and specially thanking all those people who made it possible to continue adding years to our history.