February 19th, 1919. Josep M Serres, Founder and first President of the Cooperative, and Jaume Fontanet, member of its board, ordered to the Architect Cèsar Martinell the construction of the Gandesa Cooperative Winery.

The wine section of the project ended in January 1920, and so did in November the olive oil production wing. The original project included some drawings on ceramics created by Xavier Nogués, but unfortunately the Civil War destroyed them all. The type of construction Martinell used was kind of an assay, the result of a big simplicity and a great decorative value, some of whom would never become old fashioned. That was the perfect combination for what the members of the Cooperative expected from the project.

The result is, then, the perfect combination of a beautiful building that accomplish the needs of the farmers in their task of making wine and olive oil.

The Modernist edifice was structured using the method of Catalan Vault in the ceilings, which is an Architectural feature very traditional in Catalunya, that allows a big resistance and lightness to maintain the structure of the whole building. The materials used were basically bricks.



The Winery in 1920


Those brave entrepreneurs of the first years of the XX Century did work hard to maintain the spirit of the Cooperative and had to find any innovative ways that was needed at the time to keep adding years to the project.

Now, a Century after, it’s well known how important it is to keep what’s best from the past to continue looking and building a future to this amazing project of lives, and stories of our people and municipality.