El Centenari 1919-2019

The year of the Centenary of the Celler Coooperatiu Gandesa begins

February 19, 2019 marks the centenary of the Sindicato de Cooperación Agrícola de Gandesa, a project devised by the architect Cèsar Martinell, which was made possible thanks to the efforts of a few families in the village who wanted to fight for a better future linked to local farming and viticulture.

These hundred years have made it possible to write a few chapters of history, in which there have been moments of everything. Initially, the construction of the building linked the cooperative members for many years to the Banc de Valls, where they had applied for a loan to finance the project. Bad harvests are remembered for the effects of frost or hail and the lack of liquidity to pay for the loads of grapes; and also serious crises during the Battle of the Ebro and the hard post-war period.

Beyond the difficulties, however, in all these years what predominates is a story of overcoming and struggling to keep alive the effort and legacy of many generations. This is the story of a people, of a people who have traditionally dedicated themselves to the land and who have made their own concepts such as collective work and value.

We are celebrating one hundred years of a unique building, one of the Wine Cathedrals of Catalonia; of a building that was declared an Asset of National Interest in 2002 and that in 2007 was chosen one of the Seven Wonders of Catalonia.

On the occasion of the anniversary, various commemorative activities have been planned throughout the year. An institutional event, chaired by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà, kicked off the party. The event was also the excuse to open the exhibition One Hundred Years of Wine, Life Stories that has been prepared for the occasion and can be visited at the winery until the end of the year.

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“One hundred years of wine, life stories”

The exhibition proposes a journey from the origins of the building to the present day, remembering people who have been part of it, historical moments that have conditioned its operation, such as the Battle of the Ebro or the post-war period; and gives prominence to wine and oil, star products of the winery.

It incorporates objects of historical value that have been preserved until today and that, in some cases, have been donated by the same partners such as a starter of vines from the beginning of the century, photographs of the construction of the building or a bottling plant. of individual bottles of vermouth that was bought in the 40’s to be able to survive the serious situation caused by the passage of the war by Gandesa.

People also play a prominent role in this journey, in fact the production of a documentary on the history of the winery is expected from witnesses who have lived and grown up nearby. At the audiovisual level, a shorter format video has also been edited for people visiting the winery.

The events of a centenary would not be complete if the candles were not blown at a popular party. During this 2019, a day will be organized in which we will share with everyone, young and old, the joy of adding 100 years of life to the Gandesa cooperative.

Wine, also the protagonist of the Centenary

Wine is an indisputable part of this history, as well as oil, or almonds, products that have traditionally been grown and cultivated in the town. The memoirs of Joaquim Costa Salayet, one of the founding partners, recall that in 1919 they wanted to make the wine from the first harvest even though the winery was not finished; and explains that unfortunately the result of that first year was not too good and the wine of some mills turned sour. That first bad experience did not stop the productive zeal in any case and the wine has continued to be made uninterruptedly from then until today.

In any case, this year it has been decided to bottle some commemorative wines, the wines of the Centenary. They are two wines from the Purity range, one white, made with white Grenache, and one red, with Carignan, and, in both cases, born from the oldest vineyards of our partners.

The label of both wines is different from the Purity we know so far. The designer Francesc Bové has made a special label that preserves the key element of the brand – the windows of the Celler -, but with a small aesthetic change and with the prominence of the key dates in its history: 1919-2019.

PURESA GARNATXA BLANCA 2016. It is aged in French oak for five months.
CARINY PURITY 2015. Aged in French oak barrels for eight months.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Celler Cooperatiu keeps old vintages in the cemetery, a special day will be organized to uncork some of these bottles and others of more current ones to know their evolution and understand the changes that have taken place in the elaborations of the winery in recent years.

The Centenary events will end with the presentation of a documentary 

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