Our wines

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Puresa’ Wines are born in 40-year-old vines from our partners.

We elaborate three single-variety wines under the name Puresa: White Grenache, Carignan and Morenillo. And the gamma includes also two sweet wines, made by White and Red Grenache.

Food pairing:

Red wines: Red Meat, bushmeat, stews and cheeses

White wine: pasta, rice, fish

Sweet wines: foie, cheeses, appetizers.


Gandesola This names three of our youngsters, a white, rosé and red young wines. Old vines work in a traditional way



The Somdinou is the brand to name three different type of wines:

Young wines: Made by grapes of 30 and 40-year-old vines. Complex and elegant wines. The essence of Terra Alta.

Aged wines: Made with grapes of 40-50-year-old vines. Aged basically in French oak. Bulky wine, with body and soul.

Sweet and ‘ranci’ wines:  Made with White and Red Grenache. A huge aromatic range and very much complexity. It allows infinite food pairings. 


TerraAlta the range with character, in it you will find a stale wine, a Muscat and the star, our Terralta vermouth