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Art and Routes

Picasso: Picasso center in Horta

"Everything I know, I have learned in Horta", said Picasso. The Center offers the possibility of seeing together the works corresponding to two periods that Picasso lived in Horta, the first steps towards a free and personal style in 1898 and the outbreak of Cubism in 1909.

Art al Ras: great collective work

Different visual artists, sculptors, poets and writers have created some 40 sculptures distributed by nature and made with different techniques, taking into account the different materials that we can find in the places of Terra Alta (wood, stone, clay, iron, etc.)

Arnes and Horta: Renaissance route in Terra Alta

Did you know that Arnes has one of the first Renaissance buildings to be built in Catalonia? It is the town hall, the most relevant building in the municipality. It dates from the year 1584 and was built by Juan Vilabona de Cretas.

Gandesa and surroundings: Romanesque and Gothic route

The Terra Alta has imposing Romanesque and Gothic buildings. Among them, the arxipestral church of La Asunción de Gandesa stands out, built during the first quarter of the 13th century, in Romanesque style in the part of the apse with extensions made in the seventeenth century.

Horta: convent of San Salvador de Horta

The complex is made up of a Renaissance cloister and a group of buildings of different chronologies (XIII-XVII). The convent was inhabited by an important Franciscan community and during the 16th century, Friar Salvador stayed and worked great miracles.

Templars: Medieval Templar Castle of Miravet

Miravet Castle is an imposing fortress surrounded by a 25-meter high wall. It rose after the conquest of these lands by Ramon Berenguer IV. It is one of the best examples of Catalan military architecture from the 12th-13th centuries.

Art and Routes

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