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Bicycles: 300 kilometers of greenway

The old Zafán Valley railway line has become a greenway that connects small towns, but in addition, the region has other routes for mountain biking and road cycling: almost 300 km between agricultural landscapes and natural spaces.

Kayaks: paddle and get wet

The Terra Alta offers the possibility of sailing and fishing in the river waters of the Ribarroja de Ebro reservoir, in the municipality of Pobla de Massaluca, where the Matarraña river empties into the Ebro.

Climbing: The rocks of Benet from the air

The Roques de Benet have a height of 1.015m and are made up of the Faralló, the Cap de gos, the Castell and the Mamut. It is an ideal place for climbing, and in fact, it is the most difficult route in Europe and probably the world with artificial style.

Canyoning: an unforgettable adventure

The Barranc de Canaletas in Horta is one of the most beautiful and easy to do, ideal for your first time, and if you are already started, you cannot miss it, it is also a water canyon all year round. Maximum security and great experience.

Horse riding: ride a horse

Go horseback riding through the mountains of Parc Natural d’Els Ports, a place full of beautiful natural landscapes located in Terra Alta. There are routes suitable for all levels, even children.

Hiking: Serra de Pàndols and Cavalls

The Serres de Pàndols and Cavalls were witnesses and refuge for the soldiers during the Spanish Civil War Battle of the Ebro. They have great scenic value and the remains of trenches and materials from the battle are preserved. There is a route with a duration of 6 hours that begins in the Picnic Area of ​​the Fonteta.


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