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Gandesa, unique terroir

Gandesa's landscapes are made, since immemorial time, of vineyards and olive trees. Its fruits, grapes and olives, are the two pillars on which our millenary Mediterranean culture rests. The altitude, the soil, the climate, the vineyard, the olive trees, and the harvesting and production methods make our wines and oils unique: powerful and of considerable structure.


The fertility of the viticultural soils of Terra Alta ranges from low to moderate. The cultivated soils are generally of medium textures, with good drainage, of variable depth, rich in limestone rocks and poor in organic matter. Of the 17 soil profiles that we find in Terra Alta, the soils of Panal stand out. This is easy to grow, well drained, poor in organic matter and highly appreciated by the viticulture of the area.


The vineyards of the Gandesa Cooperative are surrounded by the Pàndols, Cavalls and Els Ports d'Horta de Sant Joan mountain ranges, where the Roques de Benet stand out. The geographical relief of the area stimulate the cultivation of the vine on terraces, plans or terraces.

The altitude of our vineyards and olive trees ranges between 350 and 550 meters, directly influencing the ripening of the fruit. The earliest games are those located 350 meters above sea level, such as the Endoménech, the Coll de Batea or the Sendrosa. On the other hand, the latest departure is the Sierras located between 500 and 550 meters.


The climate of Terra Alta is Mediterranean, but with a strong continental influence, with temperature fluctuations between 6 ° C below zero and 38 ° C. The rainfall is scarce, 350-450 mm per year. Another fact that characterizes our climate is the alternate presence of two winds that add personality to our wines: the “Cerç” (north west) and the “Garbinada” (south).


The Cooperative is supplied by 317 hectares of young and middle-aged vineyards and in a smaller quantity of old vines over 50 years old. The typical traditional varieties grown by the members of the cooperative are: White Grenache, Maccabee, Red Grenache, Hairy Grenache, Carignan and Morenillo. Instead, it also works with international varieties such as: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.


The personality of Terra Alta oil is determined by its main variety, Empeltre, a native variety traditionally cultivated in the area, characterized by its high fat content and the excellent quality of its oils. It is a variety perfectly adapted to poor soils, and resistant to drought and cold. The other variety that we find is the Arbequina, ideal for blending with the Empeltre variety that gives us a more fruity oil with hints of bitterness that combine with the sweetness of the Empeltre variety.


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