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Oil: Terra Alta oil route

The Oil Route, runs by road, borders olive groves and allows you to immerse yourself in the agricultural tradition of the region. As it is a circular route, it can be started in any of the towns through which it passes.

Wine: Visit the wineries of the DO

Would you like to know the secrets of winemaking? There is no better way to immerse yourself in this ancient culture than to do it with those people who have inherited the wisdom of their ancestors.

Terres de l’Ebre chocolate

For chocolate lovers who want to experience the manufacturing process and the history behind the factory walls, we recommend Creo. The visit includes an explanation of the world of chocolate by Xavi Benet, a chocolate bar and two tastings.

Restaurants and accommodation

In Gandesa and its surroundings you will find many accommodations and restaurants, from rural houses, simple or luxury hotels. As long as you find a good Gandesa wine and oil, make sure it is a good establishment!


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