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Gandesoli Gold Collection Family


Gandesoli Gold Collection

The Gold Collection family offers top quality oils and revenge in different formats. The oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oils, made by cold extraction. They are superior category olive oils obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical procedures.

The Gold range is a limited production of oils, of early harvest and with specially selected olives. There are 100% Arbequina, 100% Empeltre and Blend oils.

The Gold Collection vinegar is presented in table foramat and comes from quality grapes destined to become wine vinegar in tub 14 of the winery's modernist warehouse, the same ones that were originally used 100 years ago. The mothers of the vats, over 50 years old, give the vinegar a unique flavor, ideal for dressing taking advantage of the format of the bottle that allows it to be used as a jug.


  • Arbequino
  • Empeltre

Familia Gandesoli Gold Edition

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