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La Cooperativa

A project for the 21st century

Conserving the spirit of the brave entrepreneurs from the beginning of the project, who did not hesitate to bet everything to start this winery, time goes by and the project continues to add years. Always attentive to innovation and adapting to new times, the Gandesa Cooperative continues to look to the future, living in the present and preserving all the best of the past. The Gandesa Cooperative is the sum of about 150 partners, owners of 400 hectares that produce 1.5 million kilos of grapes (50% white and 50% black), in new and old vines and with many awards behind them. Olives and almonds also play an important role in the Cooperative.

Three buildings for everyone

The Gandesa Cooperative has three buildings: two modernist buildings and a new building that houses our store. The original winery, designed by Cèsar Martinell, is a space where wine is no longer made, and now it only welcomes visitors and tells us the story of the cooperative and modernism. It also houses the offices and the Credit Section of the Cooperative.

In 2000 the Cooperative decided on a drastic technological change to adapt to the new times and the demand for quality and a new winery with all the latest technology elements and an underground cellar was built in the old oil mill. The building that houses the new winery also has a supply store for producers.

Latest generation machinery

The new winery, located in front of the modernist building, is equipped with updated machinery to guarantee the highest quality wine production. It has the corresponding stainless steel tanks for each type of production, boots room, bottling area and finished product warehouse.

Cooperativa Gandesa


Meet the people who make possible for us to obtain excellent wines and oils. With their patience and experience they overcome each year to achieve high quality products

La Cooperativa

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