The vermouths of the Cooperativa de Gandesa have been in a very good position in the Girovi competition which awards the best wines, sweet, sparkling and vermouths in Catalonia.

The Wine, Sparkling and Vermouth Competition of Catalonia, Girovi, has reached its XXVIII edition in 2023, and was held on April 1st in Girona. The competition, created in 1995 by Agustí Ensesa, has given the Gandesa Cooperative's vermouths two big golds and one silver.

In particular, he has given a great gold to the Vermut Pessigolla special edition and to the Vermut Terralta and a silver to the Vermut Pessigolla.

Pessigolla Vermouth is a creation of the Gandesa Cooperative with the collaboration of bartender Mariona Vilanova and is conceptualized to make vermouths. It is a product made from a blend of white vermouth and black vermouth and more than thirty essences. It works perfectly as a single product and when mixed with other products, it does not lose its taste or its essence. It also incorporates an international outlook and cosmopolitan tastes: it has fresh, citrus and botanical notes, with touches of Japanese yuzu or marialluïsa. The Pessigolla has a special edition that has four more months in the barrel.

As for Terralta Vermouth, it is a product that is 90 years old. It was born at a time of need, when the winery was going through a difficult season just after suffering in its most immediate regions the unfortunate battle of the Ebro. Made with white grenache from old, middle-aged vines and proprietary macerations of herbs and spices. It has a lot of aromatic intensity and complexity, with notes of sweet spices with hints of herbs from the Mediterranean forest, minty and fresh, fennel, rosemary.