The Vinari Awards 2020, the great Catalan wine festival, has awarded in its eighth edition three silver and one bronze award to four wines from the Gandesa Cooperative. Specifically, there have been the Vinari de Plata 2020 awards for Young Whites, which has been received by the Somdinou Blanc Jove 2018, the Vinari de Plata 2020 for Whites with Aging, received by the Puresa Centenary Edition 2016, the Vinari de Plata 2020 for Sweets, Rancis or Desserts, which has been received by the Somdinou Mistela and the Bronze Wine 2020 DO Terra Alta, which has been received by the Somdinou Mistela.

A total of 850 references from the 12 Denominations of Origin of Catalonia took part in this edition of the Catalan wine competition, but not all the participants were awarded. The Celler Cooperatiu Gandesa is one of the most awarded in this year’s Wine Awards. This award, which was born in 2013 with the aim of publicizing the quality of wines made in Catalonia, has become the most inclusive event in the Catalan wine sector.

These awards are in addition to the recent Grenaches du Monde Awards in 2020, where they also received awards for the Purity, centenary edition, the Sweet Rancid Somdinou and the Mistela Somdinou.

The Vinari Awards for Catalan wines, organized by, were born in 2013 with the aim of publicizing the wide range of wines produced in the country and also to guide the final consumer on the local product. of quality. The Vinari Awards have the support and involvement of all the Catalan wine sector through the Department of Agriculture and the Catalan Institute of Vine and Wine (INCAVI); of all the Denominations of Origin of the country, of the cellars, cooperatives and other winemakers of Catalonia. The Catalan Association of Oenologists and the Catalan Association of Sommeliers guarantee professionalism through its members; and collaborate with professionals with proven experience in tasting.