The Wine Guide of Catalonia, a great tool for valuing Catalan wines, has reached its 13th edition this year. Of the 13 wines presented by the Cooperative, all have passed the test with a very good grade. Specifically, 4 wines have exceeded 9.5: Puresa Macabeu (9.69), Puresa Morenillo (9.68), Mistela Blanca Somdinou (9.54) and Somdinou Blanc Criança (9.53). The white Somdinou and the black Somdinou have been scored with a 9.43 and a 9.32, respectively, while the rancid Somdinou has been scored with a 9.3. Other highly valued products have been Puresa Samsó (9.28), Puresa Grenache Blanca (9.27), Somdinou Negre Criança (9.21), Gandesola Rosat (9.19), Gandesola Blanc (9). , 12) and the Gandesola Negre (8.83)

The Wine Guide of Catalonia 2021 reviews 1,359 blind Catalan wines from 238 wineries. In the previous edition, they reached 1,470 wines and 284 wineries. The Guide has had to overcome the closure of the tasting room of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​which has prevented the two co-directors of the previous edition, Carles Xuriguera and Romina Ribera, from moving. This year they have incorporated Sergi Sevé, who signs the new edition with Alcover and Naranjo.