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Vermut 2022

We have been making our Terralta vermouth for 90 years and to pay homage to a product that saved us from bankruptcy in the post-war years we've prepared a program of gastronomic, wine tourism, festive and scientific activities to celebrate this anniversary.


April 1
New tours with audio and guided tours

The Cooperative launches a new 40-minute audio tour in Catalan, Spanish, English and French and renews its permanent exhibition with new graphic materials and more didactic explanations to better understand the entire process of making wine and oil in a modernist winery and oil mill and also with new architectural explanations about the building and the life of the members of the Cooperative.

The guided tours also extend their tour, and you will go from being able to visit only the modernist winery (where wine is no longer made) to also visiting the new winery, where the wine is currently made. In addition, a new tasting room has been opened in an area reserved for the Cooperative's oldest wines, in an underground space.

April 29. 9:00 p.m.
First Dinner “Seven months, seven stars”
  • Restaurant: Can Bosch.
  • Chef: Arnau Bosch.

Cambrils restaurant, Michelin Star 2022. The sea on the plate. This is how the culinary philosophy of Can Bosch could be summed up, a restaurant that professionally combines the products brought in by the Cambrils fishing boats and the fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the surrounding villages.

100 € x person (tables of 2, 4 people, and groups)

May 28
Start of visits for “WineLovers”

The visits for true wine lovers begin. These “WineLovers” visits include a special tour of the modernist winery where wine is no longer made, and also of the Cooperative's current production area. Apart from the technical tasting of the most important wines of the Cooperative, this visit includes a full meal with paired dishes.

Schedules and duration: One "WineLover" visit will be offered per month. Duration of 4 hours

Price: €50 per person.

Minimum: groups of 6 people.

May 29
Second lunch “Seven months, seven stars”
  • Restaurant: Deliranto.
  • Chef: Pep Moreno.

Salou restaurant. Michelin star 2022. Cuisine of sensations, experiences, a pleasure that goes beyond flavors. It seeks to tell stories that accompany the diner on a fantasy journey. Everything is designed as props for the story that will be represented when serving the dishes.

Very limited places

€100 per person (tables of 2, 4 people, and groups)

Last weekend of June.
Third lunch “Seven months, seven stars”

Pending confirmation.

June 2nd
Presentation of the new vermouth from Cooperativa

Barcelona. Site and time pending.

Social presentation of a new vermouth resulting from the collaboration of the Gandesa Cooperative and Mariona Vilanova, bartender and advisor to the Cooperative on vermouths and mixed drinks. Vilanova has almost 30 years of experience in the world of cocktails and among her latest achievements are being the champion of Catalonia Long Drink and Runner-up of Spain in various categories: Art Deco, Tiki cocktails and aperitif technique.

July 16th and 17th
Vermouth Festival

It brings together a good number of vermouths from Catalonia, who will offer tastings and workshops at the different fair stands. In addition, there will be gastronomic experiences at noon and in the evening and a live music program in which jazz and contemporary music will not be lacking.

July 31
Fourth lunch “Seven months, seven stars”
  • Restaurant: Les Moles
  • Chef: Jeroni Castells

Restaurant of Ulldecona. Michelin Star 2022. Perfect balance between the product of the territory, technique, fun, reflection, roots and daring. Its four pillars: local and quality products, recovery of ancestral recipes, constant innovation and above all an infinite imagination.

Very limited places

100 € per person (tables of 2, 4 people, and groups)

August 5
First “Vinema a la fresca”
Movie: A walk in the clouds, 1995

"Vinema a la fresca" is a cycle of 4 wine-themed films. Before and during the screening at the Cooperative's Plaza de los Arredores, some Gandesa restaurants will serve tapas and drinks for dinner.

The film A Walk in the Clouds by director Alfonso Arau has Keenu Rives and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as protagonists. It is a wonderful love story that unfolds wrapped in the sensual magic of the Las Nubes vineyard harvest.

Limited places

Price: €7 chair + dinner (3 tapas + drink ) + film

Price for each additional cover: €2.5

August 6th. 1:30 p.m.
Fifth meal “Seven months, seven stars”
  • Restaurant: Antic Molí
  • Chef: Vicent Guimerà

Ulldecona restaurant. Michelin Star 2022. Kitchen of commitment to the land. Exponent of the Slow Food and Km 0 movements, and well known for his devotion to the galley, one of the most unknown crustaceans in haute cuisine. The keys to its cuisine are craftsmanship, sustainability and nature.

Very limited places

€100 per person (tables of 2, 4 people, and groups)

August 12
Second “Vinema a la fresca”
Movie: French Kiss, 1995

"Vinema a la fresca" is a A cycle of 4 wine-themed films.Before and during the screening at the Cooperative's Plaza de los unloaders, some restaurants in Gandesa will serve tapas and drinks for dinner.

The film is a romantic comedy with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan which is set in the French countryside. In a scene with Meg Ryan, Kline tells her, "You're not wrong; wine is like people. Wine takes all the influences of life and absorbs them to take on personality." .

Limited places

Price: €7 chair + dinner (3 tapas + drink) + movie

Price for each additional tapa: €2.5da ) + film

August 19
Third “Vinema a la fresca”
Movie: Entre copas, 2004

“Vine a la fresca” is a cycle of 4 wine-themed films. Before and during the screening at the Cooperative's Unloaders Square, some Gandesa restaurants will serve tapas and drinks for dinner.

The film is an intelligent comedy that tells the story of Miles, a depressed divorcee, an aspiring writer and wine enthusiast who proposes to his old friend Jack, a failed actor who is about to get married, to take a trip to visit vineyards and taste wines before the wedding.

Limited seats

Price: €7 chair + dinner (3 tapas + drink) + movie

Price for each additional tapa: €2.5

26 August
Fourth “Vinema a la fresca”
Movie: A good year, 2006

“Vinema a la fresca” is a cycle of 4 films with the theme of wine. Before and during the screening at the Cooperative's Plaza de los Arredores, some Gandesa restaurants will serve tapas and drinks for dinner.

The film is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Russell Crowe. Max Skinner is a successful London-based stockbroker who inherits a French vineyard. Max travels to France with the clear initial intention of selling the vineyard as quickly as possible to return to his normal life in London, but little by little he doubts his original idea.

Limited places

Price: €7 chair + dinner (3 tapas + drink) + movie

Price for each additional tapa: €2.5

Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th of September
"The Harvest Bus"

This is an activity that wants to connect some cities of Catalonia with the vineyards of la Terra Alta, and that will allow you to experience as a family and in person the harvest process and contact with the farmers, during the month of September.

September 25. 1:30 p.m.
Sixth lunch "Seven months, seven stars"
  • Restaurant: Quatre Molins
  • Chef: Rafel Muria

Cornudella restaurant. Michelin star 2022. Technical excellence and creativity come together in a kitchen directly related to the world of honey. This wonderful product inspires them and provides an inexhaustible source of possibilities, giving dishes a different, unique and unmistakable touch.

Very limited places

100 € per person (tables for 2 and 4 people, and groups)

October 1 and 2. 10:30 a.m.
Breakfasts in the vineyard

Starting the day with a good breakfast is vital, but if it is a peasant breakfast, even better. You will enjoy a breakfast of sausages and cheeses washed down with a good wine and oil from the Cooperative, and we will tell you about the vineyard and the olive trees, as well as the history of the Gandesa Cooperative: its people, the imposing modernist wine cathedral and all our products. This activity is part of the #BenvingutsaPagès22 initiative.

Very limited places

€20 adults

€10 minors under 18 years old

€3 under 12 years old

October 28. 9 pm.
Seventh dinner “Seven months, seven stars”
  • Restaurant: El Rincón de Diego.
  • Chef: Diego Campos.

Cambrils restaurant. Michelin star 2022. It offers an imaginative cuisine based on the excellent product of the area that is treated with care to get the most out of it. An updated traditional cuisine that exalts the fish and shellfish of Cambrils, always leaving a record of that personal touch that they know how to give here to the rice dishes, fideuàs, their romesco or suquet.

Very limited places.

€100 per person (tables of 2, 4 people, and groups).

November 19
Start of family visits

We start wine tourism visits for the whole family: young and old will enjoy the Cooperative with educational and dramatized activities, and with materials adapted to all ages, so that from the oldest to the youngest they know in depth the process of making wine and oil, modernism, cooperativism and all the intricacies of rural life.

Hours and duration: One family visit will be offered per month, on request. Duration of 2 hours

Price: €30 per family.

December 8-9. 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
"Vermouth Congress"

It wants to welcome the different actors in the world of vermouth, from universities, to winemakers, including those responsible for awards, fairs and star products. In this meeting, which will bring an end to the Year of Vermouth, different aspects of the production and sale of this drink will be addressed, and homage will be paid to the original Terralta vermouth from 1932, with a label by the poster artist Àngel Pallarès.

More information:

Javier Quintano 
Responsable de Comunicación de la Cooperativa

El calendario está sujeto a cambios.

Vermut 2022

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